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 The Relationship between

Understanding Thought & Being Secure

"Thought is the creative agent we use to direct us through life."....Sydney Banks

Details of  May 26-27 Workshop below

An Insight based approach to Happiness and Contentment. Insights based on our true nature and the nature of the Three Principles of Mind, Thought and Consciousness, as uncovered by Sydney Banks


The Three Principles have helped people the world over to discover their own well-being and to move closer to achieving their full potential.  The Principles have had a profound impact on every aspect of life, including: education, business and leadership, addiction and PTSD recovery, athletic performance, community work, and marriage and family counseling.  Our own well-being is directly related to our understanding of the Principles.

 These are some of the conversations we are having together:

  1. What is the true nature of Original Thought?

  2. What is Mind?  What is the connection between Universal Mind and the little mind?

  3. From where does Well-Being come from?

  4. How does the understanding of Free Will create our psychological reality?

  5. How is life a perfectly designed system?

  6. How do I open up to something new and fresh? How to create a positive community?

  7. How do I live in a relaxed state of mind—one where there is little or no stress?

  8. How do I achieve a SECURE MIND?



International 3P Coach, Harry Derbitsky, President of ACT (Advanced Coaches Training)  +  Swedish 3P Practitioner and Transformative Coach at IMINMO, Thomas Jensen.                                    

Details of  May 26-27 Workshop 

Where: SKOKLOSTERS INN,  74 696 Skokloster—North of Stockholm



When:  Saturday and Sunday, May 26-27


Contact:  Thomas Jensen; Email:   Tel:  +46709254440


Fee: 2 days at $350; early bird special is $250.  Group rates are available

E-transfers and credit card payments are available.

If possible, arrive 1 day early to enjoy the beautiful surroundings.   Special hotel rates are available.



Harold Derbitsky

President of ACT (Advanced Coaches Training) Inc. ( specializes in 3 Principles projects and training's in these major areas:​

  • Heavily Addicted and Low Income/High Risk

  • Indigenous (Native Indian)

  • Mentoring in 3 Principles of Mind, Thought and Consciousness worldwide

  • Zoom Rooms and Sessions worldwide including North America, Europe & South America 


He is one of the original students of Sydney Banks on Salt Spring Island in the early days.  He is presently writing his third book entitled:  An Evolution in Addiction Recovery.  His first two books of fiction highlight his extensive knowledge and experience in the Indigenous World. He is considered an Elder and a Man of the Spirit by the Indigenous People.

You will enjoy his sense of humor and humanness, along with his interactive teaching style.

Thomas Jensen

Established a catering business in 1998, which included working with the royal family, the government as well as regular customers, and has been involved in several restaurants as an owner for the past 20 years.  That career ended with an injury, a broken neck which was the beginning of a powerful personal transformation.

Now less than three years later, Thomas is resident Swedish 3 Principles Practitioner located in Stockholm. Founder of IMINMO Transformative Coaching.   Services include bringing wellbeing into businesses, individual consulting, and seminars.  For instance, for the Centre for Sustainable Growth – ‘What happens in communities when people learn the real power of their thoughts, along with the profound depth of their capacity for wisdom, positivity, compassion, and common sense?’

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