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Price:  $14.99 US for paperback, and $5 US for e-book


  • I am moving forward with the book, marveling at the approach, more intuitive and open, the message enters the soul and is deposited in this in total serenity, thank you for sharing the depth of your understanding, the Creator has given you a great gift, and I thank Him for giving you that blessing, a hug.

  • WOW  Congratulations, Harry.  I bought the book.. I’m enjoying reading the insightful moments in the great stories that you share in the book


  • Must buy this. Loved his last book. Happy Harry Derbitsky  helped me make a powerful positive shift in a Zoom conversation last year.

By the  Translator of the Spanish version of this book, Dr. Julio Cesar Campos of Colombia

  • Ante todo, este libro fue escrito con el corazón, en sus páginas fluye una fuente de sabia información, tamizada por la experiencia y la conexión profunda con el ser interior de Harry, una parte del Todo que se expresa desde un Harry abierto a la vida en cada momento. Al leerlo es como si una luz brillante te tomara de la mano y te llevara hacia tu liberación, siempre en libertad, gentil y suavemente, sin coerción, porque en la espiritualidad no hay coerción, solo paz, y eres tu quien decides que camino tomar, tu decides o comenzar a caminar con la luz, o regresar a la prisión de tus deseos y anhelos descontrolados. sin embargo, lo mas  impactante de este libro, es que dejara en ti una huella indeleble, que te recordara que hay una poderosa luz esperándote para cuando lo decidas llevarte al camino de la paz, hacia la libertad.


English Translation

  • Hello Harry, greetings, I send you my perspective of the book.                                                                                                           Above all, this book was written with the heart, in its pages flows a source of wise information, sifted by experience and the deep connection with Harry inner being, a part of the Whole that is expressed from a Harry open to life in every moment. When reading it, it is as if a bright light takes you by the hand and leads you towards your liberation, always in freedom, gently and gently, without coercion, because in spirituality there is no coercion, only peace, and it is you who decides which way to go. You decide either to start walking with the light, or to return to the prison of your uncontrolled desires and longings. However, the most impressive thing about this book is that it will leave an indelible mark on you, that will remind you that there is a powerful light waiting for you when you decide to take it to the path of peace, towards freedom.