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Where: and under search, type in derbitsky or harry derbitsky or name of book for Kindle and USA; for Canada; amazon; for England.   

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Price:  $14.99 US for paperback, and $5 US for e-book


  • I am moving forward with the book, marveling at the approach, more intuitive and open, the message enters the soul and is deposited in this in total serenity, thank you for sharing the depth of your understanding, the Creator has given you a great gift, and I thank Him for giving you that blessing, a hug.

  • WOW  Congratulations, Harry.  I bought the book.. I’m enjoying reading the insightful moments in the great stories that you share in the book


  • Must buy this. Loved his last book. Happy Harry Derbitsky  helped me make a powerful positive shift in a Zoom conversation last year.