= Advanced Coaches Training

projects with addictions and low income/at risk 

  • OnSite Recovery Centre --Moving Forward Program.  Weekly classes for heavily addicted

  • Turning Point Society--15 week program for Male Rehab House

  • Evelynne Saller Centre--Drop In program for low income/at risk crowd.  Teaching Happiness and Contentment

  • Zoom and Skype Clients throughout United States of America, Canada, Europe and South America

  • Drug Overdose facility--Co-facilitation with Native Elder in a Talking Circle format with homeless and high risk clientele

  • Community Education Classes and Psychological Counseling for the Native Communities of Samahquam, Douglas, Skatin, and members of various other Native communities, including counseling and teaching of violence, depression, self-esteem, alcohol and drugs, gossip, and issues of men-women.  The development of a youth program

  • Head Speaker at a 5 day retreat at Grand Portage Reserve, Minnesota on “Allowing Your Thoughts to Soar as High as the Eagles”, and specialized Youth training

  • Seminar at Leech Lake Tribal College, Minnesota on "The Power of  A Secure Mind”

  • Three Principles teaching, training and counseling to the Kickapoo Tribe of Kansas, including teaching  to the students from Kindergarten to Grade 12 school,  community and a foster child program in Powhattan, along with specialized teaching training


  • Three Principles Conference in Florida as a Presenter on the Community Development Panel  regarding the American Native Indian

  • Self-esteem Training/Counseling for Youth of Tsawwassen First Nations, plus partnered a Native chapter in the Inner Resource Guide for Children entitled "An Elders Teaching of the Circle Within"

  • Self-esteem seminars for United Native Nations in the employment program

  • Professional Days Training for teachers, staff of Head of the Lake School in Skatin, Self-Esteem training and Counseling for Youth of Head of the Lake School

  • Staff Training, Class Training and Program Development for First Nations Employment and Enterprise Centre

  • Community Development and “Stress”  seminars for Kekinow Housing Association

partial list of community and native projects

partial list of management/teacher/training projects


Trainer, teacher for Avitan Business Resources, training on increasing profitability and productivity to Presidents and staff of companies in Western Canada + Seminars on 'Happiness Within'  and 'Communicating with Yourself' at Annual Conventions; Training of President, middle management, staff for Bella Coola Fisheries Ltd., Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, Georgia Straight, Gray Beverages,  Pelton Reforestation, Atlas Paint Inc., Hadassh Bazaar, Majewski Shaler &  Co., Northwest Reinforcing, Soft Energy to Name a Few, Co-ordinator and Head Instructor for the Business Internship Diploma Program for King George International College; Teaching of 24  unemployed Executives sponsored by CEIC, unemployed women at Burnaby College       

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