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= Advanced Coaches Training

Current Projects

  • 3P in Africa--training in Nakivale Refugee Camp (Uganda); Kakuma Refugee Camp (Kenya) and beyond.  

My 3P TEAM in AFRICA  includes  Harry, Jim Beck, Aisha, Yaye, Asumini, Kathryn. Projects including 3P Nakivale Alcohol Department; Success Roots School; New Hope Community; New Talent for the Best Future; Mark from Kakuma Refugee Camp to name a few.

  • Training Director of the ADDICTION Department of BACK TO THE FITRAH MENTORING ACADEMY --A Muslim organization in 40 different countries.

previous projects

  • “THE PURSUIT OF TRUTH REGARDING MENTAL HEALTH” GROUP -- This UK (England) Group has a unique offering to those suffering from mental health struggles and for those delivering mental health services. The strength of the offering is the fruit on the tree—the members of the group are the living proof of the success an transformations of what is being offered. HEADED by Harry Derbitsky

  • TAWHID: Spiritual Unity of the 3 Principles -- welcomes you to Webinar and Podcast shows, along with Group Discussion on all issues dealing with human and spiritual development involving all Muslim and non-Muslin countries/peoples in our Global World.

  • The EVOLUTION OF ADDICTION RECOVERY RE-OPENED -- BOOK 2.  Addiction, there is a way to total freedom.

  • HEARTFELT PRESENCE 24/7 Zoom Room Group for 3P Mentors

projects with addictions and low income/at risk 

  • ADDICTION, ALCOHOLISM & THE 3 PRINCIPLES Webinar Series for 3 years

  • OnSite Recovery Centre --Moving Forward Program.  Weekly classes for heavily addicted

  • Turning Point Society--15 week program for Male Rehab House; Drug Overdose facility--Co-facilitation with Native Elder in a Talking Circle format with homeless and high risk clientele

  • Evelynne Saller Centre--Drop In program for low income/at risk crowd.  Teaching Happiness and Contentment

  • Zoom and Skype Clients throughout United States of America, Canada, Europe and South America

  • Community Education Classes and Psychological Counseling for the Native Communities of Samahquam, Douglas, Skatin, and members of various other Native communities, including counseling and teaching of violence, depression, self-esteem, alcohol and drugs, gossip, and issues of men-women.  The development of a youth program

  • Head Speaker at a 5 day retreat at Grand Portage Reserve, Minnesota on “Allowing Your Thoughts to Soar as High as the Eagles”, and specialized Youth training

  • Seminar at Leech Lake Tribal College, Minnesota on "The Power of  A Secure Mind”

  • Three Principles teaching, training and counseling to the Kickapoo Tribe of Kansas, including teaching  to the students from Kindergarten to Grade 12 school,  community and a foster child program in Powhattan, along with specialized teaching training


  • Three Principles Conference in Florida as a Presenter on the Community Development Panel  regarding the American Native Indian

  • Self-esteem Training/Counseling for Youth of Tsawwassen First Nations, plus partnered a Native chapter in the Inner Resource Guide for Children entitled "An Elders Teaching of the Circle Within"

  • Self-esteem seminars for United Native Nations in the employment program;  Professional Days Training for teachers, staff of Head of the Lake School in Skatin, Self-Esteem training and Counseling for Youth of Head of the Lake School​; Staff Training, Class Training and Program Development for First Nations Employment and Enterprise Centre

partial list of community, native, business, teaching  projects

  • Trainer, teacher for Avitan Business Resources, training on increasing profitability and productivity to Presidents and staff of companies in Western Canada + Seminars on 'Happiness Within'  and 'Communicating with Yourself' at Annual Conventions; Training of President, middle management, staff for Bella Coola Fisheries Ltd.,  Co-ordinator and Head Instructor for the Business Internship Diploma Program for King George International College; Teaching of 24  unemployed Executives sponsored by CEIC, unemployed women at Burnaby College       

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