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ALITA'S Sacred Journey

TV Interview

Book Review and Publications


Review by daughter of Shaman--Medicine Man

Alitas Journey to Truth--The Early Years Self-published in manuscript form and not currently available


Native Spirituality In Prisons Modified Version is Published by Sage Publications  in the ENCYCLOPEDIA OF PRISONS AND CORRECTIONAL FACILITIES 


Alita's Sacred Journey The author is making the book available FREE in eBook format. To download for Kindle, it will be delivered in a .mobi format (note: the PC version of Kindle is free from Amazon) .  To download for Kobo or an epub reader, it will be delivered in an .epub format

This book uses Alita to explain that "It's a Spiritual World.  It's a World of Thought."


To my readers, I say thank-you. I appreciate all who undertake

 Alita’s Journey, for in my heart I know they will be enriched.  


                           “Mitakuye oyasin (Lakota)                

 We are all related. All are welcome here.”          


 That is my belief and the story of All My Relations.


In many ways this is an unusual book; every reader who likes it has been attracted to it for different reasons. Some are drawn to the Native Alita and her understanding of Native mythology and ceremony. Others who experience specific problems such as loneliness and grief or the death of a loved one; this book has helped them to understand the healing power that lies profoundly within each human being. Some have been attracted to Alita’s wisdom, which is often far greater than the general level of professional advice given in today’s world, while others have been attracted to Alita’s love relationships. Some have read the book because they have liked what I have said either professionally or socially.


In the end, I wrote this book to share a mystical journey with Alita, one which will begin to reveal the magic and wisdom of life, as I understood it, at the moment I wrote these passages.    


                                     HAVE A GREAT JOURNEY !!


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