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Book (English & Spanish) is available in print and e-book.  Free E-book with purchase of paperback 

Where: and under search, type in derbitsky or harry derbitsky or name of book for Kindle and USA; for Canada; amazon; for England.   

Amazon has separate retail websites for the United States, the United Kingdom and Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, Spain,Netherlands, Australia, Brazil, Japan, China, India, Mexico, Singapore, India and Turkey.

Link Page:

Price:  $10 US for paperback, and $5 US for e-book


“I can attest with certainty that ‘Evolution of Addiction Recovery’ is pure truth. Harry Derbitsky, in his down-to-earth, no-holds-barred, heartfelt conviction in the innate mental well-being of all human beings, and in his pointing to the power of an insight-based understanding of the 3 universal Principles as the road home, has presented a genuine beacon of hope and health for those who, in their search for peace, have struggled with addiction in any form. I strongly encourage anyone who desires more love and peace in their life to read this unique book.” 

Dr. William Pettit Jr., MD, is a board-certified psychiatrist and co-owner of 3 Principles Intervention LLC.

“As Harry says, when we move from trying to fix the ‘problem’ of addiction, to speaking to the spirit in those who are suffering, consciousness rises and incredible transformation often takes place. I have unequivocally seen this to be true with my own clients, and I know it is true for others who share these Principles that Harry points toward. ‘Evolution of Addiction Recovery’ points to what can be a complete paradigm shift in treating addiction, as well as in how we view mental health.”

Dr. Amy Johnson, PhD, is a psychologist, coach, author, and speaker


  • "The book has been a blessing in my work. I’m grateful, Harry. Truly"

  • "I’m working with a client who just started with your book last week. We just finished our session & I wanted to share his words “I can feel his love through his words as I am reading and I feel as though I am understanding the principles more deeply than before. Much Aloha"

  • Hey Harry. As a follow up to my original client who read your book.... I had session with him tonight. He said,” I just have less thoughts. It’s like I’m pointed in a good direction and then I just flow. No one could have told me. I used to try so hard, had so much anxiety but now it’s effortless. I have a thought here or there but it’s not long before I’m awake to it and then it’s gone. I’m meeting myself for first time and I like me yet I know I’ve always been here.” Thanks Harry for writing your book and helping this human fall in love with being xo.

  • "Congratulations Harry. Such a great book. Glad to see it reach more people"

  • "You’ve done a really good job, Harry; the book definitely offers hope for those struggling with addictions of all kinds, w/o focusing on the addictions. You focus on the power within us all to heal ourselves. Well done!"

  • "A must read for anyone who is struggling or is working with people who are challenged with addictive thoughts. This book is a powerful addition for the field of addiction. Great stories, clear logic and excellent contributions from respected professionals in the field of recovery. This book will challenge many ideas about addictions, but gives the reader a great opportunity to learn a deeper truth for themselves."

  • "I am just about done reading your book. I really like it. Your comparison with other therapies and explaining the differences in many ways puts things up front, sort of speak."


  • "Look what arrived Today ❤Looking forward to get my teeth into this written by compassionate and so committed to helping people to see there is another way Harry Derbitsky xxx"

  • "How the book explains that your thinking gets you into a problem and that understanding the dynamics of thought can get you out. No matter what the problem is. And the deeper it is understood the more significant the change. We are only a thought away from what we truly want. I learned a lot."

  • "Your sincerity and depth, and also the range of your experiences really touches me."

  • "I will continue to read your book and I will recommend these resources to my patients."

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