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AF1-Zahara asks WHAT IS LOVE?

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

This African audio book consists of 11 chapters, each of which has its own special teachings on love. ZAHARA ASKS WHAT IS LOVE? can be listened to as a book or taught as individualized chapters to students in an educational setting.

Zahara and Bibi are fictional African characters who emerged from the imagination of Harry's own mind. The 2 stories by Nehemia and Muhindo are true stories to give the readers some understanding of life in an African refugee camp. My hope is that they lift those suffering into a feeling of hope and love.

The individual stories or chapters were created around the training of 3 Principles projects by Harry's team in Nakivale Refugee Camp in Uganda, Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya. The project in the schools near Kampala, Uganda is headed by Harry and Jim. Many of the above mentioned projects are in alliance with Back to the Fitrah Mentoring Academy certified mentors.

The book is written by Harry Derbitsky and the audio book is read by Jim Beck.

The written book in English and Swahili is used to compliment the educational component of this audio book or to be read or taught as a stand alone book. It is available in digital format for those who ask at

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