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AF2-3 Principles in Nakivale, Kakuma Refugee Camps and Beyond

Fresh, new and powerful voices in the 3 Principles community from Nakivale (Uganda), Kakuma (Kenya) REFUGEE CAMPS & Kampala sharing their stories of LOVE & HAPPINESS and their experience of Love of God + the Role of Thought at play in their lives. The freshness and beautiful feelings they shared was exceptional, bringing a breath of fresh air to the 3 Principles community and extending the ripple effect of the first insight that Sydney Banks experienced.

African Presentations from the Nakivale 3P Alcohol Department, Success Roots School, New Hope Community, Youth Groups, Kakuma Refugee Camps, and Schools in Kampala.

Each Group will be making a presentation. Come and join us to hear the power of their Love and Wisdom:

1. Philips and the 3 members of the Alcohol Department. The 3 members will be talking in Swahili and translated into English.

2. Ndagano, Gervin and Pady will represent Success Roots School

3. Iragi will talk about New Hope Community

4. Muhindo, Rogers and their youth will present on New Talent for the Best Future from Sangano

5. Mark will present on Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya

6. Jim Beck will present on teaching 3P to Uganda Schools in Kampala and the taping of Zahara asks WHAT IS LOVE?


Full Video Webinar at

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