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AF9-Dicken & Harry Sharing on 3P

Session 1 of “3P in Africa SWAHILI” is Dr. Dicken Bettinger and Harry Derbitsky sharing in English/Swahili on the topic of THREE DIVINE PRINCIPLES. Dicken shares Sydney Banks experience of being connected directly to God & we are all One. He states underneath all my thinking was quiet, and as my mind quieted down I felt happiness & love. Harry shares his 2 spiritual insights of the 3P. This longish session ends with 4 GREAT questions from African participants. 

ZAHARA ASKS WHAT IS LOVE? This FREE digital and audio book can be read, listen or downloaded by clicking on the button at Harry's website -- as mentioned in the above talk.

Full Video of Session 1 is available at

3P in Africa YouTube Channel --

3P in Africa Documentary --

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Aganze Shecky
Aganze Shecky
Jul 02

Thank you Harry for sharing with me

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