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Ep. 08 - David Banks Stories about his Dad, Sydney Banks, regarding Addictions & Mental Health

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

David Banks tells stories of the Early Days for Sydney Banks, plus answers

how his Dad viewed Addiction and Mental Health Issues. Then he deals with questions from various participants in the show



Section 1

Stories of the Early Days for Sydney Banks

In his opinion, David’s Dad, Sydney Banks, began his Spiritual journey before his Enlightenment experience. Stories about:

  • Crisis Centre

  • Death of a friend who was suffering from alcohol

Sydney Banks’s Epiphany from David’s Perspective

  • · Time just stopped

  • · His Dad experienced a Spiritual Death

  • · Felt he touched the hand of God

  • · He kept saying, “I’m Home”

3 Aspects of his Dad

  • He was always an extremely kind and generous person

  • He had a calming effect on people

  • He approved of meditation and prayer

Section 2

How did his Dad view Addiction and Mental Health Issues?

  • Addiction is a powerful personal struggle like many other personal struggles

  • Our thinking causes the problem

  • Don’t let the Past harm you

  • Forgive Yourself

  • Get rid of the baggage and see the Innocence in all people and situations

  • Hope is important

Greg and David Discussion

  • The building up of stories over the years leads to low self-esteem issues

  • Without hope, it is difficult to conquer anyone's demons

  • With drugs and alcohol, one has to let go of their personal view of themselves

  • Dad really believed in a “Second Chance”, and that is the name of his first book

  • Cravings change as the level of consciousness goes up or down. It is natural to see the world differently as the level of consciousness rises

  • One can’t heal others until he heals himself. Physician, Heal Thyself

  • Always follow positive feelings. The negative feeling is a signal much like a stop sign on the road

  • Only God is right

Section 3

Questions for Dave from the Participants

  • What is the right way to learn the Principles?

A quiet place where one taps into the Divine Source, and that gives you your answer. David says you are looking for a State of Grace

  • What language is relevant to reaching the world outside of the 3P Community?

Terminology is not important. Quiet your mind and get into a state of grace. Then Divine Intelligence leads.

  • What truly is the quiet voice of Wisdom compared to personal thought?

As the level of consciousness rises => increased wisdom.

It all has to be with the feeling.

INTELLECTUAL THINKING is thinking about thinking.

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