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Ep. 04 - Bridging the Worlds of 12 Steps & 3 P

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

Join our group discussion with Guest Barbara Smith, MSW as we investigate the world of A.A. (12 Steps) and the world of the 3 Principles.



  • Ideas on how to bridge the gap gracefully between 12 Steps and the 3P

  • The 3 Principles transformed her practice and her personal life. Barbara Sarah Smith, MSW is a licensed clinical social worker in Westport, MA—Her website is, or contact her at

  • Now, the world has more trouble with addiction and mental health than ever before. The solutions offered are simply not working for enough people.

Some Common Denominators between 12 Steps and 3 P are:

  1. Keep it simple

  2. The transient nature of Thought. This too shall pass.

  3. Both are aligned with the Spiritual. Let go and let God.

  4. The importance of Gratitude

  5. Power of an Insight or a shift in Consciousness

Some Divergence between 12 Steps and 3 P are:

  1. 12 Steps is a list of things to do to achieve the transformation required to stop drinking and overdosing with drugs versus Insight is a transformative power coming through us via Universal MIND. In 3 P, we do not have to do any steps

  2. 12 Steps is a disease model, while 3 Principles is a health model stating that innate health is within all human beings, and never lost. We are never broken, and we are not powerless against alcohol or drugs.

  • Bill W never wanted A.A. to stop evolving

  • A.A. works for some, and not for others. It could be said the same for 3 P

  • A Spiritual Awakening is the core to both 12 Steps and 3P

  • The Fellowship in 12 Steps is a beautiful thing but they need to evolve it to a health model rather than a disease model; and realize that humans are creating their interpretation of their experience via their thinking

  • The true nature of the 3 Principles revolve around a spiritual and psychological understanding, and that they are always there, and that this understanding will change your life

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