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Ep. 15 - Lucy Sheffield's Journey of Recovery

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

Lucy Sheffield, from England, shares her fascinating journey, story and insights of Recovery from Alcohol in a Group Discussion format. Valuable contributions by other participants of the show.


LUCY wrote on Facebook before she came on our program

  • Today marks 6 weeks of being sober for me. I have no idea where this journey is going to take me but so far I am loving every new opportunity that has been arising each day.

  • It was certainly one of the hardest, bravest decisions I had to face - my alcohol demons, but i can't stress or begin to try and explain how glad I am that i took this path.I have no idea if i will continue not drinking. Each day i decide if want to drink or not and so far it keeps being a no for me, but we are all different in what works for us.

  • I am super excited to be talking as a guest on Harry & Greg's show this coming Sunday - March 1st @ 7pm. I will be sharing my personal story and insights I've had since I began to question my relationship with alcohol.

Sydney Banks

Harry Derbitsky includes a paraphrase and general theme from one of Sydney Banks early talks, and it’s resulting effects on his life.

  • “Professors, teachers, psychiatrists and psychologists and a slew of ordinary human beings listened to this common man with an unassuming but comfortable Scottish accent, express in the simplest of terms, that the world we are living in is an illusion created via thought, and the spiritual world is the truth and reality that we are hiding from. Where are we going to discover this spiritual world which all of us desire? Deep inside our consciousness which resides in everyone and everywhere else.”

  • My direct experiences expressed through this message changed my (HARRY'S) life. It will change yours, whether you are addicted or not.

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