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Ep. 18 - Working with Family Members of Those Addicted

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

Discussions by Judy and Joy Elohim Voruz, from Wise Caring Mentoring, Oregon on “TRANSFORM YOUR RELATIONS WITH YOUR ADDICTED LOVED ONE.” Wise Caring Mentoring developed from a desire to offer family members a more compassionate and insightful way to relate to their addicted loved one. They talk about the power of being a personal and professional team in providing their 3 Principles services to their clients.

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Working with Loved Ones of Those Whom are Addicted

  • The connection and power of combining personal and professional lives. The power of two professionals working together to share wisdom and support the family members of those addicted

  • Challenges of working with family members, which includes being labelled, dealing with all the thinking that goes along with addiction plus being deeply concerned for the addicted

  • There is so much FEAR

  • When Natural Wisdom comes out that makes a HUGE DIFFERENCE

  • The caregivers, parents, etc. haven’t “DONE ANYTHING WRONG”

  • Stop being so serious, and take your mind off your personal thinking


  • Going In and out of not feeling clear—that’s OK

  • Sometimes you get it and sometimes you don’t

  • Working as a team is broader in sharing the 3 Principles and combined experiences

  • It’s beautiful together!!

  • Services need to start somewhere, and quite often it starts with the psychological and transforms into the philosophical or spiritual aspects of life

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