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Ep. 20 - Future of Addiction, Alcoholism & The 3 Principles

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

Farewell show of our 3.3 year series. Podcasts will continue to be released. Wonderful feelings and sharing's by Group with Greg and Harry. Outstanding sharing by various audience members, including a powerful presentation and talk by John Stiley.



  1. Acknowledgement by Greg and Harry

  2. A few statistics of the series + 2 testimonials comments

  3. Future use of Facebook Group, YouTube Channel and Podcasts + exciting news of Christian McNeil and Barb Smith's show , where they will offer their version of our show

  4. Our story with intro by Harry and then Greg’s Insight and story as he saw it, and then a little how Harry saw the show evolve

  5. Future of Addiction

Statistics as of May 17, 2020

WEBINARS by Greg and Harry

  • Shows by Greg and Harry –- 77 over 3 1/3 years

  • Facebook subscribers -- 875

  • Top show was our first guest 3 years ago, Aaron Turner with 4300 views.

  • Dicken had 3600 views

  • Syd Banks audio on “Thought and Alcoholism” had 3300 views + 525 podcast ‘unique downloads’

  • "Golden Moments Video Course" had 4600 views

  • "What is on the Mind of those Addicted" just under 5000 views

  • NUMBER OF MINUTES after show views was roughly 1.2 million minutes

PODCASTS which is 19 podcasts starting in July of 2019

  • 7500 unique downloads

  • Top show is “What is Addiction and how to get past it” which was 675 downloads and only had 348 webinar views

  • All shows got downloads in the last month, and the podcasts have outperformed the webinars in the last 5 shows

ANNOUNCEMENT: I will be making 2 podcasts a month from our old shows


Steve Adair -- "Wow, that is so great that you and Greg, have done 77 shows. I know they have been and will continue to be a great source for many people. I often sign post people to them. I was talking with a client of mine, who watched the one that you and I did. He said he was feeling so uptight and angry with the world, yet the more he listened to our call, he ended up sobbing like a child. There were tears of joy and relief. I was touched by this. His said his life changed when he saw the great spirit /the Creator, was always in him."

Misty from the Hawaii Counseling & Education Centre, which Christine Heath is Executive Director -- "I’m working with a client who just started with your book EVOLUTION OF ADDICTION RECOVERY last week. We just finished our session & I wanted to share his words “I can feel Harry's love through his words as I am reading and I feel as though I am understanding the principles more deeply than before. Much Aloha"

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