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Ep. 29 - 3 Points to Transcend Addiction

15 minute talk by Dr. Mark Howard on 3 understandings that allow us to transcend addiction and even go beyond recovery. Go to Episode 24 -Addiction Model Cycle, and Teaching Addiction Clients for further teachings on Addiction by Dr. Mark Howard.

Outline of 3 Understanding to Transcend Addiction

1. We are all vulnerable to creating habits that may not be helpful to our well-being

a. Blame is put to a situation outside of ourselves

b. Try to think better or try to change our thinking and feelings

c. Looking outside of ourselves for a different feeling

d. Associate the change in feeling state to what we are doing

2. We are all vulnerable when we do not realize our thinking changes when we do something we like

a. This is through the power and gift of Thought

b. These feelings change because our Thoughts change

3. Looking for a the feeling of contentment and well-being

a. We are satisfied with "what is." This is what Sydney Banks defined as mental health

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