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Ep. 43-Future of 3P Nursing Globally

Guests, Teresa Walding and Lyn McCright have grown to become leaders in the 3P Community. Their coaching organization is uncovering and sharing the Principles as applied to Nursing. Nursing is the largest profession in the world, and the Principles lay the foundation for nurses to not only love their job, but grow within themselves as they help, support and share with their patients. THIS IS A POWERFUL LEAP FORWARD GLOBALLY FOR NURSES AND 3P.

Jim Beck wrote: "They are a juggernaut of deep wisdom sharing with powerful authenticity about the 3 principles of human experience taking the art of nursing into a science (Nursology). I loved every minute of this webinar it’s thrilling to experience the deep positive sharing of truth. Its the unconditional love!"

Please watch the full video at

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