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Ep.49-3P & Nakivale Refugee Camp

Podcast 49 is an hour extract from the recent “TAKING 3P INTO NAKIVALE REFUGEE CAMP & BEYOND” TAWHID Webinar. Members of NAKIVALE along with the ACT-BTF Alliance share their INSPIRATIONAL stories. Roger, Muhindo and Asumini from NEW TALENT FOR THE BEST FUTURE; Iragi from Robondo; Philips talking about HEALING CIRCLE + Alcohol Counseling; Ndanago sharing as Director of SUCCESS ROOTS School followed by Yaye and Asumini on training the teachers; Eric from CHANGIA AFRICAN CENTRE; Muganuzi from YAREN about their world vision; and Aisha on the group sessions. Nakivale Refugee Camp has 120,000 people. Now the team has been invited into Katuma Refugee Camp in Kenya of 400,000, because of this show.

The full video can SOON be seen on our YouTube Channel -

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