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Ep. 60-Re-visit of Syd's Talk on Thought & Alcoholism

Sydney Banks talk in 1980 on Alcoholism, highlighted with emphasis on THE PRINCIPLE OF THOUGHT and WISDOM. YouTube version at

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  • Mental anxiety comes via Thought. The reason a person drinks too much alcohol is connected to that person’s thoughts. These thoughts are negative experiences from the past, which create their reality + their behaviour, which leads to lack of love in their lives. A person who has become an alcoholic has traveled down a very lonely road paved by lack of hope

  • The human who is addicted to alcohol has to experience their own Wisdom or Common Sense. When they discover something better than the alcohol, this is where the SECRET lies, because they changed their thought. Thought makes us angry, sad, happy etc.

  • Positive thoughts create a positive reality, and that is why we feel better when we stop drinking

  • The wrong use of Thought and Free Will is the reason of why we are an alcoholic


  • People who are addicted suggest outside circumstances are the reason of why they have succumbed to alcohol or drugs. Because of these outside circumstances, such as being poor or rich, they may believe that is the reason that leads them to being an alcoholic. However, others who have the same circumstances do not become an alcoholic


It is How we view the experience via Thought that is important. We create an excuse to drink==>”poor me”. That is Thought. It’s only Thought. Past experiences are the problem, so we have to forget them and start anew, this changes Thought


  • WE never actually forget past experiences, they will always be there. While they are there in our consciousness, we cannot hide or understand them, and that creates our reality. If we can SEE that past experiences are just Thought NOW, it will take all the falseness away. We cannot start again until we find new thoughts which will create a new reality, and show alcohol for what it is, and that is NOTHING

  • Past—that was then, and we carry our past history through time. When we let go of our personal history, we REGAIN OUR POWER OF THOUGHT. Negative thought carried through time creates a hell hole for us now

  • IF our consciousness and way to life expands, we will SEE all the negativity that we are carrying is only hurting us and the more pain we have, the more we want to drink. Desire is simply our Thought

  • However, if we can SEE, like the mystics talk about, and SEE our thoughts are creating our negative reality, then we may drop them=>we automatically forgive. When we forgive, we forget

  • Then all that negativity goes to sleep and relieves all that heaviness that the alcoholic is experiencing. We all have to go beyond the personal to a deeper dimension of life—a deeper understanding of life


  • IF YOU WANT CHANGE, it must be in a positive way—it cannot be in a negative way because that will keep the falseness alive. Once you see the falseness of your thought system, it releases Wisdom and heads us into a positive reality. Then, we see Alcohol for what it is i.e. it is only a human being giving it the power through Lack of Consciousness or Lack of Understanding


SO WHAT IS WHY? If you can answer this question, you have heard Syd's message!!

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