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Ep. 70- Sharing Wisdom--Beverley Wilson Hayes

Updated: Aug 6

This Podcast is an hour Q&A extract, which followed Beverley Wilson Hayes powerful personal story, as she shared with the Addiction Department of Back to The Fitrah Mentoring Academy. Listen to the inspirational and intuitive sharing as she co-soars with mystical wings with these 16 amazing Muslim-3P Addiction Mentors.

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Beverley Wilson Hayes

Beverley has worked in the field of recovery for over three decades, creating and leading many recovery and self- discovery programs. She is world-renowned for her ability to connect as a Spiritual conduit and trainer of trainers. She was introduced to the Three Principles Psychology by her Mentor Dr. Roger Mills, thirty years ago. As a Certified Advanced Trainer of Trainers, and keynote speaker, her range of experience is vast.

Beverley is CEO/Co-Founder of Conduits Do it (ConduitsDoIt) International. A worldwide consulting and training Corporation, with a loving family touch. She is a developing Author and spends her time richly loving others.

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