• Harry Derbitsky

Ep.73-Nigeria on Muslim Addiction

This podcast is a 42 minute extract from a recent TAWHID: Spiritual Unity of the 3 Principles webinar. 4 NIGERIAN Muslim guests, 3 of whom are Addiction Mentors and 1 is a Client who experienced healing, share their journey, stories and insights as representatives of the ADDICTION DEPARTMENT of BACK TO THE FITRAH MENTORING ACADEMY + the TRAINING DIRECTOR. Asma, Abba, Aisha, Bilkisu share honesty and wisdom with a warmth, gratitude and humility that will bring tingles up your backs.

Deep wisdom, heartfelt sharing and honesty prevailed throughout the whole session, and both Omar and Harry deeply appreciated the compassion and understanding of these wonderfully engaging and wise guests.

FULL WEBINAR on TAWHID: Spiritual Unity of the 3 Principles-- https://youtu.be/JOtKP6jQutw

80 WEBINARS on our YOUTUBE Channel, along with SEVERAL SECTIONS providing EDUCATIONAL RESOURCE MATERIAL --https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6y_NNYUW6YHqFILz7iSmjQ

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