• Harry Derbitsky

Ep.76-Amazing Stories of Hope

By the ADDICTION DEPARTMENT at the recent Back to the Fitrah Global Conference of over 3000 registrations, the presenters are Addiction Mentors from Canada, Nigeria, India, Australia & USA. This 1 ½ hour edited podcast shares HEALING stories around cocaine, antidepressants, self-esteem issues for a young man, a personal story of drug & addiction, plus schizophrenia healing by a client from Back to the Fitrah Mentoring Academy. As expressed by our Nigerian Mentor, “See the human come alive, to see him pop.” Whenever you hear the word ALLAH, feel free to change it to MIND, if you prefer.

80 WEBINARS on our YOUTUBE Channel, along with SEVERAL SECTIONS providing EDUCATIONAL RESOURCE MATERIAL --https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6y_NNYUW6YHqFILz7iSmjQ

https://www.backtothefitrahacademy.com/addiction is the Addiction Department Website

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