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Ep. 03 - Evolution of Addiction Recovery

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

In this 1st episode, Keith Blevens, Ph.D. and Joe Bailey, M.A., L.P. share insights about Sydney Banks and the Three Principles; and how these principles have advanced the fields of Psychology and Addiction Recovery.

TOPIC: FREE GOLDEN MOMENTS COURSE on Addiction, Alcoholism and The 3 Principles (1st of 7 EPISODES). The other 6 episodes can be watched and listened to on our YouTube channel, Section 2.


  • This series is a teaching tool and resource for teachers, therapists and individuals experiencing a period of addiction in their lives. These excerpts from our hour long webinar shows (click here) are designed to point listeners to their innate health and well-being along with a spiritual-psychological understanding of the 3 Principles.

Keith Blevens, Ph.D.—Sydney Banks and the Significance of the 3 Principles

  • From his unpublished book, Dr. Blevens reads a quote from Sydney Banks on the significance of his experience of enlightenment.

  • This realization led Sydney Banks to an understanding that all his sadness and negative experiences were created from his own thinking. He then knew, “It’s a world of Thought!!”

  • These principles were predicted by William James in the late 1800’s, who pointed out that Psychology had no principles, but when they were uncovered, it would be the greatest single discovery of humankind as it would mean mental health for the world.

Mind, Consciousness and Thought

are the three principles that enable us

to acknowledge and respond to existence.

They are what I call the psychological trinity.

...................Sydney Banks

Joe Bailey, M.A., L.P. Evolution of Addiction Recovery

  • Joe Bailey tells the story of meeting Sydney Banks and how understanding the 3 Principles transformed his work in Addiction, with Addiction Counselor’s and Himself.

  • Previous to discovering the Three Principles, he and the professionals he worked with approached addicted people and addiction in a heavy, judgmental and unsuccessful manner. Burnout was rampant and unsuccessful cures were common.

  • He fell in love with the field of Addiction and he wanted to bring this 3 Principles understanding to the Addiction world. That is what he became most passionate about in working in addiction for close to 35 years.

  • Because of his understanding of the 3 Principles, he saw how life works from the Inside-Out

  • In his opinion, the absolute point of treatment is about Transformation. The only cure for addiction is that awaking experience. All we are looking for is Insight.

  • We are living in a world of Thought and "All we are ever feeling is our thinking in the moment."

  • We are designed perfectly

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