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Ep. 10 - Modello, History of 3P & Purity of the Principles

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

Jack Pransky's sharing in a group discussion about Dr. Roger Mills, the Modello Community project, some history of the 3 Principles and a wonderful definition of the "Purity of the Principles", and how it applies to Addiction and Relapse




  • At a conference where Dr. Roger Mills was presenting, along with several ladies from the Modello Community Project, Jack Pransky observed a lady that not only kicked alcohol, without going into treatment or A.A., but she was living a happy life. To Jack, it was obvious that she would never go back to her drinking.

  • He then interviewed the lives of those touched the most by Dr. Roger Mills teaching. From these interviews, the book ‘Modello: A Story of Hope for the Inner City and Beyond: An Inside-Out Model of Prevention and Resiliency in Action’ was published.

  • Jack also observed that if people’s thinking does not change, they are still going to commit all the acts we and they are trying to prevent. People must recognize this beautiful place inside themselves, no matter what the outside circumstances are, or they will have no hope. While Dr. Mills did not teach the 3 Principles, (because this project was pre-3P), Dr. Mills understood how to meet the members of Modello at where they were at, and then was able to direct them to an “inside-out” experience.

  • Dr. Mills introduced an understanding of moods. When one is in a low mood, things look terrible—we cannot trust our feeling at that time. When the members saw how moods worked, many experienced tremendous insights. They found hope in a hopeless situation. They are the living proof, and inspired Jack to see that this is possible for anyone, and that anyone can do it.

  • 3 days ago, he received an email about how wonderful a life one of the ladies from Modello was living now. The email was from the daughter, and she was full of gratitude.

  • Dr. Roger Mills continued his wonderful work in many communities, and in Coliseum Gardens in Oakland, which was the murder capital of the world, once again, there was tremendous successes as he taught the HEALTH REALIZATION MODEL, based on the teachings of Sydney Banks.

Roger saw himself of “Being in Service”, just as Sydney Banks saw himself of “Being in Service”. This allows Thought to go in and make the necessary changes in a community. Jack was very impressed with the fact that Sydney Banks not only experienced enlightenment, but wanted to give it away or share what he experienced with the world. Mr. Banks never compromised on the purity of the Principles for money.


Jack’s definition

  • When people see it as simplicity, that’s when it is so simple that it can’t be deeper, that is the purity of the principles

  • Living the spirit of the 3 Principles is living through the eyes of love. Being in love first with yourself, and then everyone else you bump into in life.

  • You can feel the purity emanate from people. It is the feeling of love being put out to people, through the Spirit of the Principles


In addiction, there are only 2 things to consider:

  1. Physical hold on the body until the person has gone through detox

  2. And then there is Thought.

The reason there is so much relapse is lack of understanding of Thought. People have not learned through their recovery how their experience of life is created from the “inside-out”. They had to see where experience comes from and see the 'Spirit Inside' lifts people out of the addiction cycle.

WHEN SYDNEY BANKS REALIZED THESE 3 SIMPLE PRINCIPLES, that brought clarity and made everything else come together for the Practitioners and their clients. Once he realized MIND, THOUGHT & CONSCIOUSNESS explained all mental and emotional possibilities, it made everything simple to understand.

We are everything that we are looking for already. And when we think our way out of this simple logic, we experience the illusionary nature of life. For addiction, this a horrible illusion, yet a learning experience in the evolution of that specific human being.

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