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EP. 01 - Spiritual vs Ego Thought

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

An interactive educational group discussion on how to tell the difference between a Spiritual Thought which leads to healing, and Ego thought which leads to suffering. 

This show features a 5 minute guest video by Dr Mark Howard.  The co-hosts and participants share wisdom and stories pointing to peace and innate health; as compared to ego thinking that creates stress and confusion. And how this applies to addiction recovery.



  • How do you tell the difference between an ego thought and a real inspired thought from insight or wisdom? The ultimate indicator is how it makes you feel. If the thoughts you're having make you feel anxious and hurried, it's not a wisdom thought--that's a personal, ego thought. When you have a wisdom thought, it gives you everything you need to make sense of that thought, everything!

  • One aspect of this question could be talked about in terms of how do you know the thought you're having is wisdom—either you are the intelligence of Mind or you are your own habitual insecure thinking; and the guide for that is what Sydney Banks always said; that it's the feeling that will tell you.

  • I was talking to this beautiful guy and he has a physical ailment that's quite severe He's not that old to have this sickness, and he talked about that you had to accept it because he couldn't pretend that it wasn't there. But in the acceptance of it, he found a peace and a tranquility.

  • None of us are exempt from getting caught up in our thinking. It's just how quickly we rebound and how resilient we are. That is what makes the difference on how we experience life and addiction recovery.

  • That's one of the keys to overcoming addiction is learning to be gentle with yourself and especially if you've got some clean time and then you relapse. It doesn't mean anything except that you just got caught up in that thought again. It's no big deal.

  • Sydney Banks who uncovered the 3 Principles, always said “Go within for the answer.

  • Once you connect into this, your life has to get better, and so does the world.

  • I’m getting good at not being in control.

  • There are lots of moments where I totally get caught up in my thinking and where I can feel I'm clearly overthinking and trying to figure everything out and trying to make the right business plan and take all the right steps and then I kind of realize, “Okay maybe this is not the way.”

  • Divorce is like an addictive state of mind.

  • I started to see there were two thought systems--the spiritual and the personal. First I had to get a glimmer of hope, and that hope was inside that mess. There is the spiritual reality and that's the only place where healing lies.

  • All insights are spiritual!

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29 juin 2019

These words of wisdom resonate deeply with me. They inspire new pathways. Thank you.


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