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Ep. 06 -The Oneness of Spiritual Psychology-Part 2

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

This podcast illustrates the Group Discussion aspect of our Facebook Group. Part 2 continues from the previous podcast as Dr. Amy Johnson continues the Group Discussion around What do Spiritual and Psychological Mean?



One of 6 books by Sydney Banks
The Three Principles are the trinity of all psychological experience and with Three Principles we weave our entire experience here on earth.

  • When we are in a space where life flows through us or we are a conduit, we cannot go wrong. Life doesn’t happen to us, it happens through us. FOOL’S CROW, a wise Lakota shaman, stated in his metaphor of “hollow bones”, that the Great Spirit flows through us and the hollower the bones, the more powerful is the healing.

  • When we suffer, it is wise to take the pressure off, and let go of fear. If you are not in the way, the mental suffering has to clear.

The Connection between Nature and the 3 Principles

  • There is more to Nature than a visual appeal. There is an energy that we cannot see, but we can feel its energy. We are drawn to Nature, and this drawing doesn’t make sense intellectually.

  • 3P is all about that essence that connects all of life. It is the best thing ever, yet we look away arguing about the details. By understanding the Nature of the 3 Principles, (that they exist), allows us to see the bigger picture.

The Oneness--One is the actual experience; one is the explanation that can't be explained.

  • Spiritual is who we are!

  • Psychology is us trying to explain who we are!

Sydney Banks says all our dreams will come true, we just have to wait.

Your dreams become real as you see Thought manifest from within.

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