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Addiction Department

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Anam Arif, Addiction Mentor    

Anam Arif from Pakistan shares in URDU as an Addiction Mentor and a facilitator from  Back to the Fitrah Mentoring Academy. Editing by Munazza Khan. ANAM ARIF is a departmental Addiction Mentor and the speaker of this audio. She briefly shares her story of being addicted to pharmaceutical drugs for 5 years. This talk also describes the four milestones the Addiction Department looks for regarding our clients. 

The above Podcast is shared in Urdu and translated in writing into English.

As a project, Anam is in the process of translating the following book written by the Training Director of the Addiction Department into Urdu.  

Anam presented on the topic "HOW TO ESCAPE A FEELING THAT YOU'RE LIVING IN A JAIL" at the 3rd annual Global Conference of Back to the Fitrah, with over 3000 registrations and over 50 countries repesented.
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