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Aisha Umar-Muawiyah

Addiction Department-Nigeria

Asma’u Isa Wasagu
Bilkisu Muhammed
Aisha, Asma, Bilkisu  are Addiction Mentors in the Addiction Department for Back to the Fitrah Mentoring Academy.  This department’s main mandate is to provide a healing service for the client, as our services does not revolve around the illness, trauma or disease of the client, as compared to existing 12 Step Programs or other addiction modalities.

This  Department  consists of 12 Addiction Mentors around the world. The Mentors are educators and mentors (not therapists) sharing our understanding of healing from an Islamic-3 Principles perspective. Addiction and Mental Health Healing are tied together in our services. The 3 Principles is a spiritual psychology where clients see their own beauty and experience healthy feelings. When our clients experience an insight in this direction, they access their wisdom, and head towards “doctoring themselves.”

Our Stories
Aisha Umar-Muawiyah from Daura Nigeria, lives in Abuja Nigeria.  She has been  a teacher for 18 years, and currently head a Special Education Unit (Rahma Unit) in Inspire Academy. She is  the Founder of Freedom on the Fitrah and Co-founder of Learning Voyages. Furthermore, she is a member of the Academy Curriculum Development Team of Back to the Fitrah Mentoring Academy, as well as being an Addiction Mentor in the Addiction Department.
Aisha’s Story
For herself, a feeling of alienation and imbalance with her world in childhood, culminated in plans to commit suicide at the age of 15. In her early 20’s, she experienced an insight when she came across a dua (supplication) for sadness, which allowed this unbearable pain to lift off her! This insight led her on to a journey of becoming a more conscious and knowledgeable Muslimah. In search of help for herself and those around her, she asked Allah to increase her Faith (Iman), God Consciousness (Taqwa) and Trust (Tawakkul).

She was guided to Back to the Fitrah Mentoring Academy, where she was introduced to the Inside-Out Paradigm (3 Principles) and it all made sense—her spiritual and psychological understanding of life would guide her and allow her to help other to heal! This was the missing link to seeing her innate well-being that was and is always present.

She has been privileged to train and help heal other Nigerians, especially mothers and children to help them discover their innate resilience through their relationship with Allah and the 3 Principles. Her connection to the Addiction Department, complimented by her mentor services at Heartfelt Presence, is helping many others around the world.

Asma’u Isa Wasagu,  from Kebbi state residing in Abuja Nigeria, is a Certified Mentor and coach at Back To The Fitrah Academy among other coaching qualifications. She is a Teens and Parenting Teens coach as well as Mentor in the Addiction Department at Back To The Fitrah Academy.

Asma'u's Story
My search for clarity of purpose led me to a series of self development trainings and with each one I felt like there’s something missing. They emphasized the things that were wrong with me, reminded me of all the hurtful past and all the reasons why I am not okay. With each knowledge I acquired of myself I thought there’s something deeper--where true inner peace lies, where I’d feel connected with my core.

When finally Allah guided me to the understanding of true human experience AKA 3P’s or Inside -Out Paradigm at Back To The Fitrah Academy, I finally saw l was whole and not broken. I felt more than ever before, my deep connection with the permanent divine (Allah). The insecure thinking that I used to have was no longer controlling me. I found my inner calm, being part of the solution for myself and gaining the confidence to help others achieve the same. It is as though this understanding had woken up something in me that had been laying dormant for the most part my life. It’s all I needed feel at home with myself again.

I have been privileged to mentor clients &/or observe healings in the Addiction department.  This was especially true with a Nigerian man who was addicted to cocaine. The co-mentoring that I participated in played a major role to his healing and leaving the substance behind.

Bilkisu Muhammed, a Nigerian from Bauchi state and resides in Abuja Nigeria, is a Certified Mentor of Back to the Fitrah Mentoring Academy along with other Coaching qualifications. She is an Inner Circle Mentor and a Member of the Addiction Department at Back to the Fitrah Academy.

Bilkisu’s Story
For a long time, I have lived unconsciously, I didn’t know what I wanted or how to live being true to myself. I was just following the band wagon or status quo way of thinking. My thinking (believing) that someone or something outside of myself was responsible for how I felt made me keep blaming others and not taking responsibility. And I used to experience very intense anger.

However learning about the Inside  Out paradigm at Back to the Fitrah totally changed my life and put me in a state of taking responsibility for my own feelings. It’s so empowering to understand that everything I seek is within me. I understood the power of being present in the moment. Most importantly, It helped me to connect deeply to Allah and I learnt the real meaning of Tawakkul, not just saying but actually feeling it deep within!

I’m so passionate about this knowledge and how it’s changed my life that I’m committed to supporting people connect to their innate peace and confidence.
Podcast 73 is a 42 minute extract from a recent TAWHID: Spiritual Unity of the 3 Principles webinar. The NIGERIAN DEPARTMENT + the TRAINING DIRECTOR share their journey, stories and insights as representatives of the ADDICTION DEPARTMENT of BACK TO THE FITRAH MENTORING ACADEMY. Asma, Abba, Aisha, Bilkisu share honesty and wisdom with a warmth, gratitude and humility that will bring tingles up your backs.
FULL WEBINAR on TAWHID: Spiritual Unity of the 3 Principles YouTube Channel --
BOOKS by the Training Director of the Addiction Department
Aisha, Asma, Bilkisu presented on various topics at the 3rd annual Global Conference of Back to the Fitrah, with over 3000 registrations and over 50 countries represented.

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