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  • Every member of the group has achieved an elevated level of mental health after experiencing a transformational experience from various forms of mental and physical diagnosis.



For the group to share their increasing wisdom of their personal transformations, along with the sharing of wisdom by the head educator, to other mental health groups + doctors, psychologists and other mental health professionals, teachers/educators and social workers interested in positive transformations for their clients. We are defining transformations as healing along with happy, healthy lifestyles.

These transformations have been achieved by the client’s accessing their own wisdom via the teachings of the 3 Principles of Mind, Thought & Consciousness, as uncovered by Sydney Banks. The group is lead by Harry Derbitsky of ACT Training Inc. (Advanced Coaches Training). (


The UK group started in early 2020 with John Stiley having weekly sessions with Harry. Testimonial attached. (  A few months later, another client asked Harry to help him as he was experiencing extreme mental anxiety in a psychiatric hospital. He has returned to a very successful and healthy life including working as a support worker in a Crisis Center, having a loving relationship with his wife and two kids. These two formed the initial foundation of the group along with Harry.

From these two, several others have joined the group because of their mental health transformations. Their contributions are noticeable. For instance, Joe Fletcher initiated our first group Zoom presentation for the Phoenix Group-True Thoughts Radio Show in December of 2020. It was highly successful and well received, with about 20 in attendance. (Note: Joe’s testimonial is posted below)

In May 2021 we are making another presentation with Dr William Pettit to the Suffolk User Group . Other projects are coming, including in March, Joe and Harry did a "Beautiful Feelings Within" Webinar with psychotherapists for NHS England from Leeds.  We have several more lined up.


The Group has a unique offering to those suffering from mental health struggles and for those delivering mental health services. The strength of the offering is the fruit on the tree—the members of the group are the living proof of the success of what is being offered.

Joe testimonial
Testimony of Mark Slee, written May 20, 2021

I grew up in a very competitive environment at home – 2 brothers and 3 sisters who all had to excel at something. We were motivated by the known unconditional love from our parents and grandparents. It was my blessing in life to know my four grandparents.

I excelled musically and academically. By the age of 12, having been classically trained in music, it was known that I was ready to perform professionally, and I think just my age stopped me from eventually playing professionally from the age of 14. I played every weekend on a Saturday and Sunday night. I was paid very well and guess I was the richest (financially) teenager I knew.

I recall two moments in my life around the age of 14 when I became aware of my anxiety. Once while performing I had a kind of ‘out of body’ experience which would be diagnosed as a moment of dissociation. Then when asked to read from a book while at school I felt my hands shaking, my voice quivering and my legs shaking. In hindsight, these feelings would have been present with most of my peers but for me they became amplified to the point that I experienced my first anxiety attack around the age of 19 then suffered bouts of phobias and depression into my 30s. I was prescribed lorazepam and then diazepam which I eventually became addicted to, using it until quite recently, before I became aware of 3 Principles.

Also, around the age of 30 I had an accident on a scooter where I hurt my back badly. I started taking over-the-counter pain medication but kept using it long after the pain, for the ‘lift’ the codeine and caffeine content gave me. I nearly suffered a heart attack around the age of 40 as my blood pressure was so high due to the sodium content in the pain medication. The doctors were shocked to see a blood pressure of 300/200 +

Realising it was the sodium, which was causing the high blood pressure, I decided to buy the codeine online illegally. Going into my 50’s I could get through 300 mg of codeine in a day until eventually the drugs stopped working and all I was suffering was constant withdrawal.

In July 2019 I entered a rehab facility to treat my addictions to gambling, opiates, and benzodiazepines. I became a member of NA but none of this worked and I continually relapsed.

The lockdown proved to be my saviour as I was completely lost in addiction when my brother mentioned a friend who was part of the 3 Principles community. I paid for time with Dr. William Pettit and also lovingly Harry gave his time to me freely. The impact was almost immediate when the penny dropped and awoke from addiction and knew that I could live without these drugs and also money had no value, the only value I realised was the love I could give to others, and just as importantly the love that I could feel for myself.

Testimony of Joe Fletcher, written Jan. 10, 2021
Historical Diagnosis

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (M.E.) at age 9. Although I did manage to attend a school for children with disabilities, in the rare times that I did feel well enough. most of my youth was spent pretty much isolated, other than with my close family and a few relatives. This caused severe anxiety and phobias, so I was treated by several psychiatrists, psychologists and counsellors with Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and medication. Later, I was diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Asperger’s Syndrome.

To Now

By reading and learning about the 3 Principles, as uncovered by Sydney Banks, I came to realize we all are mentally healthy at our core, but we take ourselves away from this, by our thinking about our past problems. I felt a feeling of happiness and excitement that I can’t ever remember experiencing previously in my life. From my personal experience, I completely changed from being a pessimistic, unconfident shy person into someone bright and sunny, confident, and chatty. I just remember thinking, “This could change the world, why doesn’t everyone know about this?”

Harry Derbitsky, President of ACT (Advanced Coaches Training) ( began sharing with myself. He suggested it would be beneficial to join the group he was heading called the PURSUIT OF TRUTH REGARDING MENTAL HEALTH in the United Kingdom. The group exhibited the most powerful positive, collective, and mental health feelings, as guided by Harry. Through more understanding and my own pearls of wisdom, I became much more integrated within the group and allowed others to share. This has also really helped me when communicating with others. I am now able to listen in a more present and tranquil state when listening to others speak.

This whole process and understanding has now given me a realistic chance and hope of eventually starting my own business, helping others and turned my life completely around, from being someone who before had resigned himself to managing my M.E. in the best way I could and letting my life just run itself out, unless a miracle cure could be found. Now, I have organized “the group” in sharing at the Phoenix Group—True Thoughts Radio Show; and future endeavors.

Published in Evolution of Addiction Recovery Re-Opened
BUTTERFLY ~ Joe Fletcher
The pills send me dreary
Eyes become heavy
Night terrors dance
Break my mind’s levee
The river runs wild
My life’s village floods
Is it all finished? 
As outflows my blood.
See the walls of this prison
Joy sucked from all life
The future seems dark 
Faith sliced with a knife
Behind bars of trauma
I just lay there and cry
The cuts to my wrists
Will heal, I’ll not die.
I hear the nurse coming
Whistling cheery, not glum
But the confection she brings
Is surely not fun
They say I am ill
That I’ll never be free
For the DSM label
Says no hope for me.
A butterfly flutters
Its elegance ensnares
I see wonder and beauty
From my cell of despair
For its image brings hope
That I’ll find my cure
My guide shall awake
My heart will be pure.
Faith is my medicine
An angel has come
Life can begin
The nectar of fun
My soul they can’t take
It’s perfect, not tainted
Life’s horror story
With thought I painted.
I am now free
Alive, not broken
My suffering has passed
No longer be spoken.
THE TWO SELVES ~ by Nikki Davison,
Recently, I've been seeing shards of light, fresh thought around listening and I wanted to share this with you. In this understanding we often hear the words 'listening for a feeling'. But what does that mean? How does that happen?
This type of listening comes from pure Consciousness, the space before thought and mind. In pure Consciousness, we are the vessel into which thought and mind appear. It is always fresh, new and full of insight. This is the home of soul to soul listening, the home of the 'feeling'. The words become a blur, they are not important, they are incidental. Everything we hear from this space envelopes us in a cloak of love, a love for everything.
I see our two selves. Our true, spiritual self and our human self, existing in its human reality. The true self is the creation and the creator of all things. The True Self is the observer of the human, chatty self. The noise of the chatter is full of life's experiences, behaviours and beliefs. The observer is quiet, it is clarity, limitless potential, unbothered by the content of the chatter. These two selves live in tandem, the space between the two is constantly moving. Shrinking and growing. It's natural, it's energy. Sometimes the chatter can be noisy, muffling the quiet of the True Self. But then the power of the spirit, universal energy, creates space between the two. The chatter seems to evaporate, and we are, once again, the observer. This is our default. We fall into pure Consciousness, we are home, we are quiet and we can hear—we can hear the soul. The more space between the two, the deeper we fall, we empty of thought and fill up with presence. We rest in presence. We are free. We see that the challenges in life are always in our mind, in our humanness and never in the world.
When there is no space between the two, there is no room for subjective experience. Moment to moment. we are either in our thinking or in our life. The observer knows this deeply and the space between allows this to be truly felt, truly heard. In the space between, in the quiet, as the observer, we see our innate health shine out. We are present, in presence, in life. We are compassion and love in its purest form. We connect to our soul. It's boundless energy and we hear spiritual truth. We see we are not separate from wisdom...we are wisdom....the wisdom of the ages is in us.
In the space between the two we let go of our personal thinking, for we see its truth. We see how our thoughts wrap around us like a fog and how our ability to see is so limited. We hear, but not with our physical bodies, not through our ears, but in our soul. We see that we are not the physical. We are the spirit—unbreakable, perfect in every way, with the resources of the universe.
In the space between, we see how life is lived in duality—that it's a game, that it's fun.
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