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Ep. 24-Addiction Model Cycle, and Teaching Addiction Clients

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

Dr. Mark Howard sharing his version of the Addiction Model Cycle, Teaching clients who have addictive patterns, and a sense of the spiritual understanding that we are all the same with regards to how Thought works, and where the client's experience is coming from.

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Dr. Mark Howard views the Addiction-Recovery-Cycle Model as follows:

  1. If we are thinking differently (unwisely) to get relief from stress, we do it in an addictive way.

  2. Our suffering and painful feelings are just “habits of thought.”

  3. Once we catch onto the “nature of Thought” and how any feeling we are having is coming to us by using Thought, we then have insights—this is the healing from addiction!

What this author sees is when we are in a lower level of consciousness, we falsely see that all negative expressions of life come from outside circumstances or past experiences—stubborn parents, lack of money, lack of education, gender, skin color, continual use of opiates or alcohol, and on and on and on it goes.

When we experience a rise in our level of consciousness, we see a whole new world, one in which we are “the thinker,” which points to the fact that our state of mind is a key factor to what we are experiencing. If Thought creates feeling, then all one’s feelings are a creation of that particular thinker. That is why we have to find the answer to addiction within our own consciousness.

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