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Addiction Department

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We are educators and mentors (not therapists) sharing our understanding of Islam and Healing. We teach a spiritual-psychology where clients see their own beauty and experience healthy feelings. When our clients experience an insight, they access their own wisdom and “doctor themselves.”

Addiction is simply a part of life when one (a human being) is out of balance spiritually and mentally. Healing is one thought away, if we can help our clients uncover that thought.

"If you want CHANGE, it must be in a positive way. It cannot be in a negative way because that will keep the falseness alive.  Once you see the falseness of your thought system, it releases Wisdom and heads us into a positive reality. Then, we see Addiction for what it is i.e. it is only a human being giving it the power through Lack of Consciousness or Lack of Understanding. We treat the symptoms, but we don't find out WHY? "         Sydney Banks talk in 1980 on Thought & Alcoholism. 

Kathryn Jones -- CEO of Back to the Fitrah Mentoring Academy
Harry Derbitsky -- Training Director of the Addiction Department
Daniela Carbone -- Addictions Department Manager
Other Members -- Addictions Mentors
Islamic-3 Principles Addiction Healing Center
Addiction in the Muslim World Conference on June10-11, 2022

This podcast is a 21-minute extract from Session 1 of the 2-day ADDICTION IN THE MUSLIM WORLD Conference last week, which had 288 registrations. Catch a Muslim feeling of Healing in Addiction via an islamic-3 Principles connection
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