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Addiction Department

             Addiction Healing Center
We are educators and mentors (not therapists) sharing our understanding of healing from an Islamic-3 Principles perspective. The 3 Principles is a spiritual psychology where clients see their own beauty and experience healthy feelings. When our clients experience an insight in this direction, they access their wisdom, and head towards “doctoring themselves.”
We emphasize the Truth within Islamic teachings, as our Addiction Mentors are committed to sharing the love of their religion and the wisdom of being wise Muslims. We also integrate clients in the understanding of the 3 Principles, which is a spiritual understanding of Mind, Consciousness and Thought, as uncovered by Sydney Banks. 
Taqwa, Tawakkul, Tarbiyyah, Fitrah, permeate throughout BACK TO THE FITRAH MENTORING ACADEMY's curriculum and teachings. Consciousness of Allah, trust in God and in God’s design, our compassionate connection with others, and innate well-being of all human beings whatever their past or present  circumstances are, highlight much of our teachings, and these teachings seamlessly integrate with the simplicity of the 3 Principles, which point our clients past their psychological problems towards the light of Truth and Healing.
Non-Muslim clients are welcomed and honored in our department’s services, as we respect all religions. Healing, in this case, will revolve around the spiritual-psychological elements of the 3 Principles.  If requested, we will work with family members of our clients, Muslim or non-Muslim. If possible, languages of the specific country will be used.  For example, listen to these podcasts in  Pakistani Urdu , Nigerian Hausa, and Indian Hindi.

Addiction, as we see it,  is simply a part of life when one (a human being) is out of balance spiritually and mentally, and they are expressing this imbalance through the path of addiction. Healing is one thought away, if we can help our clients uncover that thought.
Mental health issues contribute to addictive behavior and are often intertwined or integrated within the issue of addiction or alcoholism. Our expertise integrates Healing in Addiction along with Mental Health Dysfunctionality Issues such as anxiety, depression, fatigue, trauma, stress, relationship issues including marital or family issues. Mental Health and Addiction Issues have a spiritual healing direction but are psychological in nature.

The department’s main mandate is to provide a healing service for the client, as our services does not revolve around the illness, trauma or disease of the client, as compared to existing 12 Step Programs or other addiction modalities. Our department looks at the degree of the client’s state of mind, along with the addiction or alcohol issue, as the key evaluation of  how we help you as our client.

BACK TO THE FITRAH MENTORING ACADEMY provides excellent Islamic-3P wellness services that may suit your needs more effectively and easily. Please fill out and submit this survey and the Manager of the Addiction Department will guide you to the right level of service—Trust her!!
STRUCTURE OF SUPPORT for Clients of the Addiction Department
  • Please note, most of our services are provided via Zoom, and this allows us to service clients all over the globe
  1. All our addiction packages come with lifetime membership to the Back to the Fitrah Inner Circle. There are weekly masterclasses, Q&A support sessions, live streaming in our private Facebook group, and day to day support for those who require support emotionally and in their personal or family life. These sessions are facilitated by our certified Back To The Fitrah Mentors
  2. Each client will be assigned a trained Addiction Mentor who will provide a personalized service to meet the clients needs
  3. Each client will receive 2 books written by the Training Director of the Addiction Department of Back to the Fitrah—Evolution of Addiction Recovery—Book 1 + Evolution of Addiction Recovery RE-Opened – Book 2
  1. After the completion of the questionnaire,  a client may be assigned to the Addiction Department
  2. An Addiction Mentor will be assigned to this client, probably from the same country as the client
  3. The Training Director of the Department + the Addiction Mentor will provide personalized education services that will point the client to their Healing. These services may be weekly or several times a week, depending on the availability and needs of the client
  4. The Addiction Mentor and the client will hopefully become colleagues and develop a strong telephone and Zoom relationship 
"If you want CHANGE, it must be in a positive way. It cannot be in a negative way because that will keep the falseness alive.  Once you see the falseness of your thought system, it releases Wisdom and heads us into a positive reality. Then, we see Addiction for what it is i.e. it is only a human being giving it the power through Lack of Consciousness or Lack of Understanding. We treat the symptoms, but we don't find out WHY? " ....Sydney Banks talk in 1980 on Thought & Alcoholism 

Harry Derbitsky -- Training Director of the Addiction Department
Daniela Carbone -- Addictions Department Manager
Other Members -- Addictions Mentors

Back to the Fitrah Addiction Department Tribute to Sydney Banks

11 members of the Addiction Department of Back to the Fitrah share their experiences and thanks to Sydney Banks on his 50th Anniversary, and sent to 3 Principles Global Community (3PGC) as part of their presentations to celebrate this important event.

 Addiction in the Muslim World Conference on June10-11, 2022 with 288 registrations
Event Graphic.png
3rd Annual Global Conference with over 3000 registrations and  60 countries 
The ADDICTION DEPARTMENT was honored to present for 1 hour and 45 minutes
with mentors from Nigeria, Australia, India, USA & Canada
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