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Nakivale 3 Principles Centers

Isingiro District, Uganda


Tel:  +256 785263996                      Email:                                 Website:


The Nakivale 3P Centers (Head Office) have a common goal of establishing the 3 Principles, as uncovered by Sydney Banks, and taught by the team of the ACT-BTF Alliance, lead by Harry Derbitsky of ACT Training Inc. The successful teachings of happiness within combined with God within is to be implemented in the refugee communities. The establishment of an administrational board to manage the implementation of the 3P activities is a positive direction in having a comprehensive approach that will facilitate the 3P activities in Uganda and beyond.

BOARD Members

Name                                                                   Organization                                                                           Position

WANE RUSAGARA ERIC                            Changia African Organization                                                 CHAIRPERSON                             

TAYEBWA PHILIPS                                     Healing Health Healing Hearts + Alcohol Counseling        VICE-CHAIRPERSON                                

STELLA ZAWADI                                         Yaren                                                                                          SECRETARY

MUHINDO MUTUNDI                               New Talent for the Best Future (youth)                                TREASURER

GUILLAINE NTAKOBAJIRA                        Cherish Women Initiatives                                                     VICE-TREASURER                         

GABRIEL MIRINDI                                      Yaren

GERVIN   BAILA                                          Success Roots School 

IRAGI BAKENGA                                         Satellite Office-Robondo

Each of the organizations have experienced the life-changing results of understanding the 3 Principles called Mind, Thought and Consciousness. Each of the members have grown in positivity, hope and inspiration with the POTENTIAL  of a happy and successful community in Nakivale Refugee Camp. Each member has individually experienced a higher level of happiness, confidence and enthusiasm in their own lives, and their ability to share this wisdom with other members in the community.

Satellite Offices have been established to communicate, provide 3P training services and recommend 3P resources for the different villages/communities. For example, if Alcohol Counseling is requested, the satellite will lead them to Philips of the 3P Alcohol Department.

1. Nakivale 3 Principles Center -- NEW HOPE, ROBONDO -- Manager and contact is  Iragi Léonce Bakenga  Tel:  +256776798797

2. Nakivale 3 Principles Center - SANGANO -- Manager and contact is Muhindo Mutundi   Tel: ±256707007846 or +256782758211

3P PROJECTS beyond the boundaries:

  1. Changia African Center has a Thursday group with Akon and James teaching children in Basecamp, Nakivale

  2. Iragi from Rubondo is teaching at Chris Scott’s Orphanage,  bike ride of 1.5 hours

  3. Muhindo from Sangano is teaching at Richard Bravin’s Youth Group

  4. 3P Teaching in Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya

  5. 3P Teaching in Graben Junior School, outside of Kampala


Board Statement

We are humbled to create this 3P centers committee in Nakivale; we are looking forward to creating an impact.

“Together we achieve much more.”



We are interested in developing a central organization to represent our work in the 3 Principles in Nakivale Refugee Camp and Beyond. This will serve as

  1. A team approach to our theme “Together we achieve much more.”

  2. A contact for people

  3. Consolidation of our resources and talents

  4. Ability to communicate and share the Truth within Nakivale and Beyond, which includes a monthly newsletter and other forms of helping the members of the community

  5. Ability to approach organizations for grant dollars 

  6. And many other reasons


For further information on the 3 Principles and the ACT-BTF alliance, please go to 

Podcasts and Videos
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