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Addiction Department


Yaye Diallo, Addiction Mentor

Yaye Diallo, from Senegal, lives in Maryland ( MD ), USA, and along with her practice in Wellness & as a licensed nurse, is an Addiction Mentor in the Addiction Department for Back to the Fitrah Mentoring Academy. This department’s main mandate is to provide a healing service for the client, as our services does not revolve around the illness, trauma or disease of the client, as compared to existing 12 Step Programs or other addiction modalities. 

This  Department  consists of 12 Addiction Mentors around the world. The Mentors are educators and mentors (not therapists) sharing our understanding of healing from an Islamic-3 Principles perspective. Addiction and Mental Health Healing are tied together in our services. The 3 Principles is a spiritual psychology where clients see their own beauty and experience healthy feelings. When our clients experience an insight in this direction, they access their wisdom, and head towards “doctoring themselves.”

My Story
When I was a teenager, a friend asked, and this one time turned into my using marijuana and alcohol as an escape from reality, for over a decade. Getting intoxicated allowed myself to numb the feelings that I did not want to face. And furthermore, to escape the life which felt so unfair and overwhelming. I was lost and desperately wanted to feel loved and accepted.

One day, I had a realization that all I really wanted was to be a good person and everything I was doing was not aligned to that vision. Once, I opened my heart to Allah, I found myself and finally saw life as it really is. Then, when the Inside Out-Paradigm, also known as the 3 Principles, was introduced to myself in Back to the Fitrah Mentoring Academy, I experienced the spiritual-psychological connection of being a human being along with my spiritual connection to Allah.

My passion to alleviate the needless suffering of Addiction or Mental Health scenarios has been fulfilled by joining the Addiction Department of Back to the Fitrah Mentoring Academy.  

AMAZING HEALING STORIES OF HOPE!! by the ADDICTION DEPARTMENT at the recent Back to the Fitrah Global Conference of over 3000 registrations, the presenters are Addiction Mentors from Canada, Nigeria, India, Australia & USA.  This 1 ½ hour edited podcast shares HEALING stories around cocaine, antidepressants, self-esteem issues for a young man, schizophrenia healing, along with my personal story around healing from drugs and alcohol (10-minute presentation beginning at the 1 hour mark) .  I stated, ”I had to let go of my shame. So Blessed to leave that world behind, and be able to live a comfortable, hopeful life, and yearning to do this for other people."
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 BOOKS written by the Training Director of the Department

Yaye presented on the topic "LIFE in DIS-EASE to LIVING AT EASE" at the 3rd annual Global Conference of Back to the Fitrah, with over 3000 registrations and over 50 countries represented.
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